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chtěla bych vás poprosit o pomoc. Začala sem vám na vánoce překládat jednu povídku a ztratila sem na ni odkaz. Zbyl mi jen kousek přeložený první kapitoly a zbytek v originále. Povídka je ASI ze stránek  ale dneska jsem si dala vyhledat všechny povídky s párem Harry/Lucius a nic sem nenašla. Pamatuji si jen, že to bylo mpreg a mělo to do deseti kapitol. Dám jsem to co mi z ní zůstalo. A prosím dyby to někdo poznal, ocením jakoukoliv informaci. Děkuji. Doufám, že to k něčemu bude.



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1.       kapitola

„Pojď, Harry. Přece nechceš zmeškat svůj let.“

Draco Malfoy se pokoušel svého přítele Harryho Pottera procpat přes dav lidí k jejich průchodu. Trvalo to několik týdnů, než ho přesvědčil k této dovolené. Draco mu dokonce všechno zařídil. Harry musel ten let stihnout.



Many people in the Wizarding world were very surprised when Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy became close friends near the end of their school years at Hogwarts. Draco had joined the Order of the Phoenix along with Harry and they had fought side by side in the war. Draco’s father had been released from Azkaban after Lord Voldemort had murdered his wife Narcissa because she had refused to take Draco to Voldemort to receive his Dark Mark. Lucius Malfoy had then worked hand in hand with the Order to help bring about Voldemort’s demise. Lucius and Narcissa had never been a love match, but no one ever took anything away from a Malfoy without paying for it.

Voldemort had now been dead and gone for nearly three years. Harry and Draco were now 22 years old and both worked for the Ministry of Magic. They were all considered three of the heroes of the war and Draco loved to exploit that fact frequently. He constantly tried to drag his friend Harry out clubbing with him. After all, they were both young and very attractive. Between the two of them, they attracted all types- men and women. Draco was blatantly bi-sexual and had many different partners. Harry had discovered that he preferred the company of men, but was reluctant to share his life with anyone. He wanted to fall in love, the way his parents had.

Harry Potter was a man who valued his privacy. He constantly worried that anyone he dated only saw him as the Boy-Who-Lived and not a sensitive and basically shy young man. Harry just wanted to love and be loved. And that was what Draco’s plan was all about.

Harry had refused to take a holiday for himself for nearly three years. Draco kept telling him that he was turning into an old man. He kept regular hours, never went out and stayed home reading most nights. He was afraid that Harry would be dried up by the age of 25. He needed someone and Draco knew exactly who that someone was.

Nearly a year ago, Harry had been in a relationship. It had lasted for about six months then something had gone terribly wrong. Draco felt responsible for the whole mess. He was the one who had arranged their first meeting. He had thought everything was so perfect for them. –Until his father messed everything up.


a little over one year earlier

“Come on, Harry. Our reservations are for 9:00 PM and it’s really crowded on Friday nights. We’re going to be late.”

“Draco, it’s just dinner. Slow down.”

The blond looked at his friend and smiled, “This is a great restaurant. You’re going to love the food. They specialize in French haute cuisine.”

Since completing school, Harry had dabbled more in cooking and had actually become quite a fine chef. With more time on his hands, he was able to appreciate the wealth that his parents and Sirius had bequeathed to him and spent many hours in the famous London museums studying art or attending the theatre or opera. These subdued activities fit his lifestyle much more than the club-hopping nights of Draco.

Draco pulled Harry around the corner and down a flight of stairs to the underground restaurant. Harry looked up at the sign – Le chat noir. “The Black Cat?” he looked at his friend.

“That’s right, it’s a wizard restaurant, but a special restaurant.”

The two young wizards entered the dark restaurant and slowly made their way toward the maitre d’.

Harry looked around the room at the customers. “Draco, there are only men in here.”

“Of course, Harry. This restaurant caters to male wizards.”

Harry whispered furiously, “You brought me to a GAY club?”

“It’s not a club, Harry. It’s a restaurant…and the food is excellent. Just wait.”

Draco turned to the maitre d’. “Malfoy party. We have reservations for 9.”

The maitre d’ checked his list and checked off the name. “Ah, yes sir, your other party has already arrived. Follow me, please.”

Draco smiled at Harry and followed the man.

“Other party, Malfoy? I may just have to kill you after all. You set me up.”

“Nonsense, Harry. We’re just having dinner with my father. Relax.”

Harry thought about that bit of information. The idea of having dinner with Lucius didn’t seem quite so threatening.

Across the dimly lit room, Harry could see the platinum blond head of Lucius Malfoy. Every Malfoy stood out in any room they occupied. The older man rose as the two young men joined him at the table. “Draco, it’s been a long time. So good to see you, son.” Lucius patted his son on the back. Then he turned to Harry and offered him his hand. Harry had never seen the senior Malfoy without his dragon hide gloves. His hands were long and elegant, just like Draco’s…and warm to the touch. “Harry, good to see you again. Draco didn’t tell me that he was bringing a guest this evening.” The tall, blond wizard raked his eyes boldly over the young man.

“Well, then it’s fair, sir. He didn’t tell me that we were meeting you either. But it is a pleasure to see you again, sir.”

“Please, Harry, call me Lucius. This sir thing makes me feel old.”

“As you wish….Lucius.”

Draco and his father continued their conversation and discussed several family related topics. It gave Harry a chance to sit back and watch the two beautiful men. Harry had always thought that the Malfoy men were the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen. Harry had realized that he was gay when he had fantasies about Draco in school. They had even gone out a couple of times, but the relationship never took off. The two young men were just too different in their lifestyles. Their relationship had never gone beyond the kissing and hugging stage before they knew they weren’t meant to be together. There were never any hard feelings and they continued to be close friends.

Harry’s friends Ron and Hermione had married very soon after the war and now had two small children. They both worked at the Ministry, but didn’t have as much time to share with Harry as they used to. He loved their children with all his heart. Their twins, David and Emma, were nearly two and he adored his godchildren. But something was missing in Harry’s life. He wanted a family and he wanted children. He was only 22 but he desperately wanted a family and commitment and the cottage with a garden and all the absolutely normal things that Ron and Hermione had. But he was afraid that he would always be alone. He had found no one who could see beyond his fame and reputation to accept him as Harry. Only his friends could do that. And Draco. And Draco’s father.

The green-eyed man looked at the older Malfoy. Slowly, his gaze slid downward. Gods, that is a beautiful man. His voice is like liquid velvet. I never knew that anyone could be more beautiful than Draco, but his father puts him to shame. Every small flaw in Draco’s face is perfected in Lucius. …Oh, gods, I am NOT thinking of Lucius Malfoy like that!! Am I?

Lucius noticed a flash of apprehension in Harry’s eyes. “Harry, are you feeling well?” Lucius had been watching the play of emotions on Harry’s face and wondered what was bothering the young wizard. He’s grown into a fine looking young man. You could lose yourself in those deep green eyes. Harry had abandoned eyeglasses in previous years for a sight correction charm. Without the glasses, his eyes were even more pronounced and they were framed by shoulder-length black hair. Lucius’ gaze traveled over his face and then moved to assess the muscular body. Yes, he is definitely a treat for the eyes. Could he and Draco be back together? Are they lovers?

Draco asked his friend, “Harry, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Sorry, sometimes my mind just wanders. Let’s order our dinner.”

The three wizards ordered their appetizers and entrées after which Lucius chose a fine wine to accompany the meal. It was Draco who manipulated and controlled the conversation most of the evening and he mentioned just the right topics to keep the conversation flowing. Harry and his father had many interests in common – theatre, opera, fine food and the art museums. They were perfect for each other and Draco was determined to push them along in the right direction.

After nearly two hours, the unsuspecting couple had taken over the conversation and were getting along famously. They had a second bottle of wine opened and had just finished dessert when Draco announced that he was leaving.

“Ok, you two. Just stay here and chat. The restaurant is open until dawn. I’ve got a date with Blaise at 11 and I don’t want to be late. Father, you’ll make sure Harry gets home safely, right?”

Draco stood to leave but was interrupted by his friend. “Blaise? I didn’t know you and Blaise were back together, Draco.”

The blond smiled at his friend, “Well, at least we are for this week. You know how I am, Potter. I can never settle on just one bedmate. You two stay here, finish your dessert and enjoy the music.” Draco whispered to his father, “Ask him to dance,” and then leaned over to kiss his father on the cheek before leaving in a flurry of silk robes.

Harry and Lucius followed his departure with stunned expressions on both of their faces. Finally, Lucius smirked and laughed. “Well, Harry, I do believe that we’ve been manipulated by my son. I should have known he was up to something. I’m sorry Draco put you up to this, Harry. It appears that my son has been matchmaking again. I’ll take you home if you feel uncomfortable here with me.”

Harry looked at the gorgeous man before answering, “I don’t mind, Lucius, really. I’ve … truly enjoyed being here with you tonight.” Harry shyly dropped his gaze before the blond man saw too much revealed in his eyes. Lucius carefully placed his hand over Harry’s on the table. “I’ve enjoyed spending the evening with you too, Harry.” The touch of Lucius’ hand was nearly unbearable in its tenderness. Its warmth and strength sent shivers of anticipation up Harry’s arm and throughout his body. It had been a long time since he had any kind of physical relationship with anyone and Lucius was intoxicating.

The couple sat in the corner and chatted for another hour or so. They had finished their second bottle of wine and had ordered two cups of cappuccino for a pick-me-up. About one o’clock in the morning, Harry noticed the late hour and felt guilty for monopolizing Lucius’ time. He stood as if to leave, “I should be going. It’s getting very late and I’m sure you have things you need to do tomorrow.”

Lucius stood and grabbed Harry’s hand before he could leave. He gathered the younger man into his arms and held him snugly. “Please, Harry, don’t go…not yet,” he whispered, his hot breath fluttering against Harry’s ear as he still held the young man’s hand. “Dance with me.” Harry was trapped by the warmth of Lucius’ arms as the stirrings of a sensuous thread of magic passed between them. “Please, Harry.”

Harry had a strong feeling that ‘please’ wasn’t a common word in Lucius Malfoy’s vocabulary. He had no intention of denying the man his request. Lucius led Harry out on to the dance floor and encircled the young man’s waist with his arm, still holding Harry’s hand. Harry’s free arm rested lightly on Lucius’ shoulder, just touching the silky blond length. It’s just as soft as it looks.

Lucius guided Harry through the dance as their bodies swayed to and fro to the rhythm of the music. Harry had never felt comfortable on a dance floor, but Lucius’ movements were so fluid and graceful, it was easy for him to follow. Harry felt every movement of Lucius’ breathing as the music drowned out the hammering of his own heart. The silver eyes, glowing with a savage inner fire, pierced the distance between them.

Lucius continued to watch Harry as closely as Harry watched him. He was attracted by the powerful responses surging through the boy – no- man. The young wizard’s instinctive reaction to the blond was a very powerful aphrodisiac. Lucius had never spoken to anyone as long as he had with Harry that evening. And he was very attracted to the young man, the implication sending waves of excitement through him. Now that he was sure that Harry wasn’t involved with Draco, he wanted Harry for himself and his pulse quickened in anticipation.

The passionate dancing continued for several more songs and Harry could feel the heat radiating off Lucius’ body as the lengths of their bodies touched. It was becoming harder and harder to remain in control while dancing in the blond’s arms. They were so close now that their chests and hips undulated as they continued their sensual duet. Even other couples surrounding them stopped to watch the two beautiful men on the dance floor. It was one of the most erotic things they had ever seen – the air surrounding them exuded sexuality.

Lucius wound his arms inside Harry’s robes, molding the well-muscled frame into the contours of his own athletic physique. The young man’s eyes glazed over as Lucius opened Harry’s palm and gently kissed the center. He looked into the sparkling green eyes and kissed the smooth expanse of skin a second time as Harry’s fingers gently caressed his cheek. Harry instinctively lowered his eyelids and tilted his head back, exposing a length of smooth neck that the blond could not fail to claim as his own.

Warm lips found the pulse point on Harry’s throat and tasted the column of flesh that was offered freely. Lucius nipped at the base of Harry’s neck causing the young man to gasp for air. The heady sensation of Lucius’ lips against his neck stole all reasoning from Harry’s mind. As the blond continued to kiss the soft flesh, Harry’s arms wrapped around the taller man, his fingers digging into the muscles of Lucius’ back.

Lucius’ lips left Harry’s neck to nibble at the earlobe hidden in the long dark hair, hungrily sucking at the sensitive spot just under Harry’s ear. Harry’s husky moan was the sexiest thing Lucius had ever heard. Parting his lips, Harry raised his eyes to kiss the velvety warmth of the blond’s slender neck, and Lucius nearly lost control. He tore himself away from the dark-haired man. Harry’s flushed cheeks, combined with the unchecked passion found in Harry’s eyes, were Lucius’ downfall. He looked like every sexual fantasy Lucius had ever desired rolled into one irresistible package.

“You are so incredibly beautiful, Harry. Did you know how perfect you are?” Lucius purred. The young wizard leaned into his body, eyes closed.

Soft lips touched Harry’s and just as quickly, released them. Harry’s eyes flashed open to see Lucius a mere sigh away. He could feel the older man’s moist breath on his lips. Harry pulled the blond’s head down and recaptured his mouth, demanding a response from the man who then deepened the kiss. Lucius’ tongue traced the entrance to Harry’s mouth which opened under the gentle invasion. Harry was entranced by the velvety smoothness of Lucius’ mouth. He tasted of the coffee and cinnamon from the cappuccino that they had shared. His skin smelled fresh and clean - like summer rain. The dancing of the two tongues sent shivers of desire racing through their bodies. A throaty moan escaped the kiss- neither was sure who it came from.

Lucius again plunged into the opening of Harry’s sweet mouth, devouring and sucking on his lower lip. Harry’s hands ran through the long blond hair to grab him by the back of the head and pull him even closer. The young wizard felt the passion rising in him like molten lava. Lucius’ hand dropped to Harry’s trousers and he slipped his hand over the young man’s hard erection. Harry willingly surrendered to the more experienced man’s masterful seduction.

Lucius dropped his forehead to rest on Harry’s while each man tried to control his breathing. He continued to hold Harry close as he whispered urgently in his ear, “Come with me, Harry. Come home with me tonight. I want to touch you … taste you. I want to feel your warmth wrapped around me as I come inside you. I’ve never in my life wanted anything as much as I want you. Let me show you how much I need you.”

Lucius cupped Harry’s hand over his own erection, guiding his caress through Lucius’ trousers. Harry lost all control of rational thought when he touched the blond. “Oh, gods, Lucius… yes…please…”

“I want you, Harry. Let me make love to you,” Lucius purred into Harry’s ear.

“Yes, Lucius…I want you. Take me away from here -- now.”

The two wizards disappeared in a loud “crack” when they apparated out from the middle of the restaurant. It was several minutes before the restaurant returned to its normally frenetic atmosphere. Everyone remaining in the room was left hot and bothered by the display on the dance floor.


The two lovers re-appeared in the master bedroom of Malfoy Manor. Lucius tore his mouth away from Harry’s just long enough to whisper the incantation and wave his hand, making all their clothing vanish. The new sensation of naked skin touching naked skin sent currents of desire through both wizards. Slowly and carefully, the master of the manor led his new lover to the massive bed in the center of the room. A thick sable bed covering was accentuated by rich red velvet bed curtains draping to the floor.

Lucius gently lowered his younger lover to the soft sable spread. His demanding mouth captured Harry’s in a heady kiss as two pairs of hands explored the new-found bodies molded as one.

That was the first night that Harry and Lucius made love. It was the beginning of a wildly passionate relationship that was to last nearly six months.

The following morning, Draco dropped by the manor to ask his father how his “date” with Harry progressed after he left. To his surprise, when he opened his father’s bedroom door, his father was still abed. The most interesting discovery of the morning, however, was the presence of Harry Potter in Lucius’ bed, his back spooned against the older man. The young blond left quietly, not wanting to disturb the new lovers. He had been thrilled and even envious at the intensity of the emotions between his best friend and his father during the previous evening.


The beginning of the end of the affair came about just after the Christmas holidays. Breathless during a particularly fervent night of lovemaking, Harry confessed quietly, “By all the gods, Lucius, I love you so much it hurts.”

Lucius knew that Harry wanted a family and children, but Lucius did not want to start a new life as a husband or new father. He just wasn’t willing to make that kind of commitment to anyone, even Harry. The depth of Harry’s feelings had terrified the older wizard. That kind of emotional commitment was unheard of in a Malfoy. He had been raised as a Malfoy and Malfoys just didn’t fall in love. That was what he told Harry and that was the day Harry walked out of Lucius’ life.

~*~*~*~ end flashback~*~*~*~

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